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Welcome to DynamoFL's blog, where we aim to share our insights and expertise in machine learning privacy and compliance. Do not hesitate to reach out for a consult on how we could enable secure and compliant Enterprise AI to fit your business needs.

Introducing Dynamo 8B: A Multilingual Foundation Model for Global Enterprises
We are excited to release Dynamo 8B, a 8.2 billion parameter language model that demonstrates leading performance on multilingual benchmarks.
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Announcing the Launch of DynamoGuard: a platform for customizing and monitoring robust AI guardrails
We are excited to introduce DynamoGuard, our new tool which removes friction between defining internal Gen AI policies and enforcing them within user-facing applications.
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Navigating AI Security in Response to the White House Executive Order
Learn more about how DynamoFL’s expertise in AI privacy and security can help your organization plan effectively in context of the White House's most recent executive order on AI.
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Understanding the FTC probe into Open AI: Data leakage proves to be a major concern when fine-tuning GPT-3 using OpenAI API
DynamoFL's team of privacy researchers extracts 257 Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from fine-tuned OpenAI GPT-3 model
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Maximizing the ROI of Large Language Models for the Large Enterprise
Understanding the data and compliance risks of LLMs and how to execute a strategy for high-ROI LLM initiatives.
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DynamoFL aims to bring privacy-preserving AI to more industries
TechCrunch's Coverage of DynamoFL: Advancing Privacy-Preserving AI in Various Industries.
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Collaborative machine learning that preserves privacy
MIT News Office: Researchers increase the accuracy and efficiency of a machine-learning method that safeguards user data.
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