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ML and Analytics
DynamoFL simplifies model training across privacy-critical datasets using Federated Learning and Differential Privacy.
Why DynamoFL
More powerful AI starts with more diverse data.
But the problem is privacy
Aggregating training data across diverse populations exposes major privacy vulerabilities and fails in markets where data is heavily siloed and fragmented.
Distributively train your ML models across diverse, siloed datasets - all while preserving privacy.
Meet the highest standard of privacy by keeping sensitive data at its source
Improve your model's predictive capability with each new client
Augment minority classes to train more equitable models
Win your biggest contracts
DynamoFL Federated Learning can simplify data-sharing collaborations with your most valuable clients. We eliminate data-sharing bottlenecks, enabling you to deliver value to more clients sooner.
Ensure Trust
Implement the most advanced privacy technologies to protect sensitive client data. DynamoFL leverages the latest methods in federated learning and differential privacy.
Differentiate and Expand
Build and deploy generalizable AI/ML or analytics models with Federated Learning. DynamoFL makes it easy to bolster your team’s underlying IP with each new client you work with.
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