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Compliant-Ready AI for the Enterprise
Ready your organization for emerging regulations with safe and secure production-grade Gen AI.
Announcing the launch of DynamoGuard and Dynamo 8B
Custom AI governance policies, leveraging DynamoFL’s dedicated foundation model.
Prepare your enterprise for emerging AI regulations
DynamoFL empowers AI teams to meaningfully tackle challenging regulatory requirements for auditing, internal red-teaming, and implementing safety guardrails. Major enterprises today leverage DynamoFL to embed security, safety, and auditability throughout their AI stack.
“You release models, applications, or systems only after subjecting them to appropriate and effective security evaluation such as benchmarking and red teaming”
CISA, UK NCSC, + over 20 global departments
“EO will ‘develop guidelines for federal agencies to evaluate the effectiveness of privacy-preserving techniques, including those used in AI systems’”
White House executive order
“The EU AI act takes a risk-triage approach to AI regulation. This requires reliable evaluation of the risks associated with AI systems from minimal to unacceptable risks”
Embed Compliance Throughout your AI stack
DynamoGuard: Custom AI Guardrails
Compliance teams can copy-and-paste their AI governance policies into DynamoFL. We’ll flag edge-cases for compliance teams to help fine-tune DynamoGuard to enforce your bespoke governance policies. Deploy DynamoGuard in real-time to moderate and flag non-compliant LLM interactions.
Describe your bespoke AI policies in natural language
Fine-tune DynamoGuard on challenging noncompliance scenarios and edge-cases
Monitor real-time user interactions and flag policy violations
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DynamoEval: AI Security and Reliability Testing
Emerging regulatory standards are calling on enterprises to evaluate and document AI risks, including data leakage and hallucination vulnerabilities. DynamoFL provides automated stress testing of AI systems and autogenerates documentation needed for regulatory audits.
Data leakage testing and privacy assessments
Hallucination detection for RAG systems
Jailbreaking and adversarial prompt injection testing
Remediate AI risks with Dynamo’s targeted solutions
End-to-End GenAI Copilots with Out-of-box Auditability
Stand up end-to-end GenAI copilots for your target use cases, while embedding comprehensive data security and compliance throughout your AI stack.
State-of-the-art performance, enabled by DynamoFL’s industry-leading  foundation models
Documented red-teaming and AI stress testing for data and AI audits
Create the hyper-customized user experiences that drive revenue
On-Device Generative AI for the most Comprehensive Privacy
DynamoFL offers the most privacy-preserving solution for Generative AI through on-device GenAI applications. Leverage the power of Generative AI without needing to send any data outside your personal device.
On-device optimized LLM applications with production-grade latency
Real-time LLM moderation for safe use of on-device applications
End-to-end privacy and security for privacy-critical applications in finance & healthcare.
Differentially-Private Federated Learning
Train AI models  across distributed user datasets, while simplifying cross-jurisdictional compliance and hardening your models against adversarial attacks.
Protect user privacy, while boosting model performance on diverse datasets
Build AI systems on top of siloed enterprise datasets
Train or fine-tune models to be robust to adversarial attacks
A World Class Team
DynamoFL is built by a team of ML Ph.D.s and privacy experts from MIT and Harvard, who built leading AI solutions at enterprises like Microsoft, JP Morgan, and Palantir.
DynamoFL aims to bring privacy-preserving AI to more industries
Data privacy regulations like GDPR, the CCPA and HIPAA present a challenge to training AI systems on sensitive data.
Collaborative machine learning that preserves data
Researchers increase the accuracy and efficiency of a machine-learning method that safeguards user data.
Why we invested in DynamoFL, a federated learning platform for AI
We invested in DynamoFL because of its unique capabilities to provide a combination of personalization and performance, without trading-off on either.